Javascript Sound Kit

The Javascript Sound Kit is a wrapper around the ActionScript Sound Object, it makes it possible to use the Sound Object in Javascript the same way you do it in ActionScript.

The API works almost the same way as the ActionScript Sound Object. Refer to Macromedia's documentation for more information here.

Code Example:

var mysound = new Sound();
mysound.loadSound("", true);

Some other examples:

Javascript MP3 Player Demo
API Test Page

How it works

The Javascript Sound Kit works by calling a Sound Object in a flash movie with a sound class bridge implemented. The magic happens by using the ExternalInterface available on tha flash plugin version 8.



The Javascript Sound Kit does not work on my site, what is happening?

  1. The Javascript Sound Kit only works on Http Servers, it does not work locally do to browser's restrictions
  2. It requires flash plugin version 8
  3. Check the ExternalInterface's documentation to see if the combination of your browser and operating system is supported Logo
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